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About SRM Creative

After nearly two decades of working in high-tech R&D, and new training in script writing and other professional writing, I started SRM Creative.

My projects to date showcase my skills in creating compelling video/audio scripts, feature stories, blogs, creative fiction and poetry, brochures, reviews, social media content, and branding.  My projects demonstrate editing prowess, and I even do graphic design. 

While the primary focus of SRM Creative is my creative fiction and scripts, I'm happy to assist others with their writing, editing, and content creation needs as a freelance writer. SRM Creative's competitive pricing and quality are sure to please both businesses and individuals seeking to make their content pop.

Need more convincing? 

Latest Projects

Latest Projects



Podcast Fiction Anthology

I'm currently hard at work writing the stories for an upcoming podcast short story anthology. It's my first big project and has lots of pieces to coordinate. In addition to writing, there is ensuring the stories are consistent with their shared world and producing the actual podcasts. I'm excited about this project, and I can't wait to publish the final result for your enjoyment!

"Time and Sand" - Comic Script

While waiting to check out the first project written and produced through SRM Creative, why not check out the short comic I wrote, now that three illustrators have provided their unique takes on the story?


Don't miss the portfolio showcasing the writing, editing, and content creation skills available with SRM Creative. It will be worth it.




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